VA - Sherando Lake - Pictures

Some tunnel like ST on Mills creek Trail

Stream crossing 1 of 5. PMD trying not to get wet..

Mills up had some nice rocky sections before the switchbacks..


Off camber trail cut into the mountain, perfect grade, could use 34 in the behind though

First wicked huge radius switchback

Typical switchback 6 of 7 or so..

Coming down Torry ridge trail.. Oh yeah..

Nemesis rock garden right out of the gate - took me 4tries but how would you know..

ass cam

Accidental tourist picture, this is the ground

Can you see the switchback in the distance ?? Its on the mills creek uphill - cant believe PMD spotted it..

Closer shot for those of us visually impaired

GI Jane where are you - its freakin Goodwin state park, white trail at a 45 degree angle..

Here comes Greg with GPS antena on helmet

Looks like leather

3r times a charm

Chicks dig scars

John and Greg hiking up - they are insane - Rode the same loop but in reverse.. We need to compare GPS notes!!

Another sweeeet down.

This is where they get the rocks for the trail, I filled up the xterra to add some to the boneyard..

Sherando lake, I think..

Nice Singletrack for HLM and NB

Think this is a tombstone

You know, to get to where the bears live

Post ride burgers get cooked here..


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