UT - LIttle Creek Mesa - Pictures

Movie - PMD

Cool stunt, Double drop in roll right under cave

Yeah, perfect 2 footer transition landing, shoulder says this drop is O-tay

Rock ramp bridge next to cliff, and you get to ride it both ways

I said both ways!! PMD even hit it after giving me shiznit

Awesome up

Typical rocky single

more 2 footers..

On the edge of the north rim

3 footer, ok maybe 2.75, 8 of em just like this one..

This is the pond at the very start of the ride, just past where you park..

PMD at the first slickrock intersection

This is my bud-die, larry the lounge lizzard, he be hiddin under a rock..

PMD drop roller - notice 5 footer undercut cave drop to right - wicked cool -

Pile of rocks in shape of an arrow..

PMD rollin it..

Lots of fun open areas like this one, no dots, you choose your line..

Rocky road ice cream rocks

These rocks have some texture, too cool, fossil rocks.

Mollys nipple

I see snow

Pools of light

Looks like something I made in 2nd grade art class, a big ass tray

Mellow Yellow

PMD up

Ass crack rock

LOOK FOR THIS MARKER.. this is a major trail split, go right here and your headed for the point, go straight on ST and your still on the Big Loop

Cool rock slab ridin

THere may be a pile of rocks down there, but no trail, keep going straight

The trail on the left you see goes right by the pond, its bush wacky, but rideable, we took it on our way back to the car

super buff red single

View of gooseberry Mesa

Crazy moon rocks

This is gray gnoll - on the way home, a good benchmark for driving directions..


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