Bikerag Rider Profile - Jack Reis
Born: Jan 6, 1989
Mountain Biking since: 2001
Freeriding since: 2002
Hobbys: Getting in time to ride
Favourite place to ride: Whistler, BC
What's a good ride?: A shuttle to the top. Nice steep, technical, rocky, drop infested trails all the way down. Throw in a little north shore just to keep awake.
Preferred bike(s): Anything Kona, right know its my Stinky.
Inspired by: Wade Simmons, Dangerous Dan, and Kyle Strait
Career highlight: First Sponsor
List of successes: Stay tuned
Goal in mountain biking: To keep progressing the sport, and keeping up with crazy people like Darren.
Personal goals: Get started on the Jrx circut and hopefully go pro.
The future: Races, Races, Races 



JR hittin some french fry skinnies

Backyard stunts??

These ramps have seen some traffic

these ramps have seen some traffic