NY - Vassar Farm - Mountain Bike trail pictures   

BMX area, swoopy rollers, dirt jumps

PMD needs more speed

PMD gravity cavity

Ramp to log ride to big ole HUCK..

The good stuff is labeled and dont go the "wrong way"!! Radio Flyer

This was on blair, about 10 foot high, ramp to sketchy turn to skinny long down

I rode half of it, but wasnt so confident on the turn

PM - QM - Gotta love it..

PMD on super 8 roller

See saw needs just a little repair, almost rideable as is..

Shores gonnna love this transition landing

I actually hit the tree on this sleezy wide ramp.. DOH...

Nice 2 footer to boot,

PMD under the under over bridge!!

PMD - "Bo-Jangles"

A-frame or drop, you decide

Skinny's riding skinnies




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