NY - Devils Den - Daniels Road - Saratoga Springs

Plank drop - 7 days later - Gone - Trail closed

Play rock area

Steep roller

Pretty pathetic bridge, but it worked

Single Track slick rock

Can you hear the frogs?

PMD soaking in the scenery - Faaaaantastic

Some great rock garden sections

Good up

This is the ground

Smooth roller

Im not QM'ing, im posing, there's a difference, ok Im PMing

This is the warmup roller

Its steeper than it looks, but barely

Quick manual at the end will get you through

Yes, LWS this is the same rock, again

Sunshine slickrock

You have to pay to ride here, So call this number for info.

3dm cruising some nice ST

LWS testing the approach - wet, slick off camber to 4 footer, next time..

This, is a beaver dam

LWS on the forbiden trail

3dm, on fire, nails it!

PMD manages not to hit the birch tree with her head

Bear with me, im focking with the camera today

Yes this shot was intentional

Hard to see but a really tech stream crossing

LWS hits the awkward huck

Nose dive downhill

3dm - No fear

PMD - some fear but finds it sleezy enough after encouragement from the Peanut gallery

Funny, we didnt know it at the time, but after looking at the map - im an idiot, this is the SAME beaver dam, just 50 feet away we just rode..

A-frame night vision effect

LWS - Skeptical, but solid

Take 3, for the camera that is, perfect huck line

LWS on the steep roller, root infested line, I left root beer fear in my other car, actually its on loan, excuse #??

LWS on a nice down

3dm, hittin the downs hard today

The deterimination is unmeasurable.. Is that even a word?

Last trail we took, super technical, awesome but logged half way through - Boo Freakin HOO..

PMD skipped the QM on this one, cool slick rock down, 20 foot roller..


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