Nova Scotia - Cape Split (Scots Bay)

This is the view on the drive to the split, at the "look off"

This is a cat, for some reason, I thought of rookie, hittin the pipe here..

And it looks like the little pussy hit the pipe and decided to have some nappy time..

Ok this is the start of the trail from the parking area, tight, rocky, lined with barbed wire, muddy, but rideable.. If your SOOO on..

Trail starts wide, some roots some slickrock, some boney stuff...

The view 3/4 of the way up, ore more, ok 7/8..

Epic grass riding at the point, surrounded by cliffs

Ohh ahhh

Single track to no-where

Grassy double at the top

View from the parking area

Animals in front of scots bay.. MOOOO.


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