Ma - Lynn Woods, mountain bike pic's

DSC01205.JPG (132467 bytes) Dsc01206.jpg (171007 bytes) Lots of slickrock Dsc01207.jpg (119681 bytes) One of 453 four foot drops Dsc01209.jpg (101023 bytes) bushwacking
Dsc01211.jpg (186600 bytes) Nemesis rock garden - next time Dsc01212.jpg (116870 bytes) DSC01214.JPG (132749 bytes)  DSC01216.JPG (135361 bytes) log ride
DSC01217.JPG (166982 bytes) many options Dsc01218.jpg (141744 bytes) Classic puke photography - the landing DSC01221.JPG (161576 bytes) cool ramp Dsc01222.jpg (105380 bytes)
DSC01223.JPG (95511 bytes) view of bean town DSC01224.JPG (120508 bytes) natural rock rides everywhere Dsc01225.jpg (119007 bytes) Those limbs would make good rungs Dsc01226.jpg (126668 bytes) contemplation
DSC01228.JPG (149797 bytes)  This rock is actually HUGE and there are 3 mountain bikers in the picture! Dsc01229.jpg (160228 bytes) cool drop see video of G-string blow..  Make that below Dsc01231.jpg (128177 bytes) The pilots view - mini blind faith at the bottom DSC01232.JPG (129441 bytes)
DSC01233.JPG (82636 bytes) G-string's only wheelie drop of the day .6 feet. Dsc01237.jpg (91065 bytes) Custom brake lever position DSC01239.JPG (80891 bytes) "on golden blonde" oh I mean on walden pond  



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