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VT - Millstone Hill - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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Update 2009: - Its been too long since our last millstone hill visit.  Timing was perfect and I just happened to have a work assignment up in burlington.   We arrived at the adventure center only to find that it moved about 1/2 mile away.  No biggie, got a new map and searched for the new trails - holy crap balls, lots of new stuff!  Had a great ride, lots of fun stuff everywhere, blue bird day, on average something interesting on every trail section. 

The new rollercoaster trail ROCKS..  Its free-ride light but a great new addition to the trail system.  We met the builder Kevin on our way down.  Some really nice berms, an entry level gap jump, teeter and one other drop..  Great way to end the day.


This is a pay to ride area, go to for hours of operation and directions.  The owner Pete is a great guy and will be happy to guide you in the right direction.  I think the cost was $6 per person per day plus $2 for a trail map - good deal for great trails.  Tell him Bikerag sent you and ask for any new trail locations.

Description -  Some of the best riding in Vermont at this place in my humble opinion.  We had a great overall riding experience here with well marked trails and really unique views of so many quarries.  Trails ranged from buff and flowy to moderately technical in spots.  Couple drops here and there and a few expert-ish lines.  Mainly the place is solid intermediate with spotty areas of technical fun..    When I heard they add new trails here "all the time" I was skeptical, but we just randomly showed up and Pete was telling us he just got back from adding some new singletrack.  Sounds like there's a new trail here every week at the very least. 

I like this place more than kingdom trails because it has more variety, less miles of course but much more interesting.  And there working on the miles every day and have big plans for the future of linking many riding areas in the east barre area.  Trail ratings are a little bit more reasonable than the highly exaggerated kingdom system too so be warned if your used to that rating method.

Wishlist for Pete - Some log rides, more rock lines, more drops..  Bet hes raking something out right now..

Loops - First ride here I would just follow the red arrows.  We skewed off this loop here and there for my paranoya of missing the good stuff and quickly realized we were just back on a different section of the red arrow loop.  SO you can just relax and follow the red arrows, listen to me now, believe me later..  Red arrow loop was about 9 miles and 2 hours if you dont take any pics, which will be hard this place is so cool..

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Total Miles: 20 ish??
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