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VA - Kennedy Ridge (Sherando Lake) - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

Reviewed By - Jack

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Directions - Take Coal Rd (FR42) from SR664.  Drive down Coal and the Kennedy Ridge trail comes in on the left right at the 4 mile mark.   You probably won’t see the trail, it’s small.  Park anywhere along Coal Rd between mile 4 and mile 7 in one of the several small parking areas.  At mile 7 on Coal Rd, there will be an obvious and well traveled left.  It is not marked, but this is FR162 and Stony Run, where the biking climb begins.

Description - Casual but rocky DT climb up FR162.  Stony Run is a very eroded DT that is probably not ridable.  Stony Run and FR162 cross a handful of times, but the obvious road is 162 (stay on 162).  Muddy 4WD road across Big Levels.  At just past 5.5 miles, you will reach the intersection of Kennedy Ridge, FR162, and Mary’s Creek Trail.  Go left on Kennedy ridge.  Please do not venture onto the tempting ST on the right, it is not bike legal and goes into St. Mary’s Wilderness.  “Green Pond” is not visible or is not there, so don’t look for it.  Once on Kennedy Ridge itself, the ride is almost all dirt DT downhill.  There is one short rocky section and one very tough rocky ST climb.  The vast majority of the DH is smooth DT with water bar jumps here and there.  Somewhere in there is a short ST section, but it does not make the ride worth it.  Honestly, this loop would be more fun in the reverse direction.

Pre-ride Music:   This Party Sucks – Ludichrist.
Total Miles: 12
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