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VA - Freedom Park - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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Review By Mally

Directions - I64 to exit 234, take RTE 199 east to Longhill Rd (Rte 612), right onto Longhill Rd and follow to end into Freedom Park.

Update 2009:  Funny I didn't even see this review on my own site by Mally before we rode here.  Found some info browsing and noticed some features on the interactive map.   This place definetely got an upgrade since HLM & NB rode here.  The place is full of beginner to intermediate stunts.  The trails have amazing flow and are all easy to follow - directional.   The features include small drops, double drops, A-frames, log rides, jumps & dirt rollers.  As an added pukesan bonus there is an awesome botanical garden right near the parking lot..  Great place to ride!


Description - 100% fun, mildly rooty twisty singletrack. A mtn biker's wet dream. Not technically challenging, but there's plenty to keep you entertained- like if going too fast around a corner you'll headbutt a tree. Built by the Eastern Mountainbike Assoc (evma). Park ranger told us they're planning  to have 25 miles of singletrack there in the future.

Loops - uni-directional loop

Pre-ride Music:  "Freebird" by Lynard Skynard (you're in the south after all!)
Total Miles: 9+
Elevation Change Feet - Elevation Profile - Its pretty flat
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