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VA - Elizabeth Furnace - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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Directions - Take 81 south to route 55 east - after about 5 miles take a right onto 678..  Follow for about 3.5 miles and park at second gravel lot on right - its a big lot, with a map at the southern most end, adjacent trail head..

Description - This is one of the best MTB rides I have encountered for sure - A Wicked Phat Lariat indeed..  Starts out with nice S-track, then lame fire road climbs, then sick sick sick singletrack (say it dont spray it im foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog)..  Basically about 7 miles of rideable rock garden..  Will beat the crap out of most, the rest will be in tech 5 heaven..   Crazy lines everwhere, not too much triple diamond gonzo extreme, but just really really fun rocks..  Your hands will be more sore than if you locked yourself in the bedroom and beat off for a month to DVD porn.  Loop took us 4 hours at an "easy" picture packed pace..  Count on 6 hours for broken parts and wounded ego's..  Guide book we used instructed to go BACK down signal knob on the fire road and im glad we ignored that bit of advice and headed to menaca peak!!

Loops - Take Orange trail, to blue, left on white, right on purple (fire road), right on purple double track next to stream, 5 stream crossings, up to fire road intersection, take right on fire road marked orange, follow up and look for left on orange singletrack, follow back to orange fire road, up to signal knob..  Keep following orange super rocky awesome singletrack for one mile to white trail, right on white to meneca peak, some hike a bike..   More great rocks..   Take left on blue (bear wallow trail), down down down down - yes it keeps going down - enjoy - crazy rocky singletrack with switchbacks & techs all the way down to the last off camber section you climbed up..

Pre-ride Music:   Prodigy - Firestarter
Total Miles: 16
Elevation Change Feet -   2500ft
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