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UT - Guacamole Trail  - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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Directions -  From Zion Cycles head west on highway 9 for about 11 miles.  Look for right turn on dalton wash road (dirt). Road goes thru some farm land, takes some 90 degree turns.  About 2 miles in take a left at the fork..  Go another 1.68 miles and stay straight at the fork, UNLESS the road is wet.  It can be dangerous if wet, I guess some cars have slid off!  If its wet, park at the bottom.

Description -  The best rides are the ones that surprise you.  I was Planning another easy day, guac was looking like 5-6 miles of mellow fun. Then I talk to zion cycles and they mention an 11-12 mile loop!  SWEET.  I started out solo, noticed a camper nearby with bike and another car in the distance.  Started wandering my way around the slickrock searching for cairns and found the trail pretty easily, soon joined by another rider Bill we decided to link up.  Just a little ways down the trail another solo rider Bruce joins in.  I have never had a group ride congeal out of nowhere like this before, what are the odds??  So I attempted to lead a ride ive never been on, which is always fun..  Only took one or 2 wrong turns.  The trails here were so nicely laid out, really fun singletrack, some fast, some techy.  The newest addition was just a perfect mix of singletrack, cool skull rocks, flowy lines - mtb heaven..  Bill and Bruce were both great riders to explore this new territory with, hitting all the lines.  Nothing gonzo here, just great fun trail, mainly intermediate, with a tinge of expert..  Pretty unique views of Zion too as this ride borders the Zion park boundary.  Great use of natural rock, some of the dots on rock you literally had to follow like riding a skinny, a curved skinny, tight little back to back off camber moves, lots of rollers, plenty of droppertunities off trail.  Easiest way to find the new trail is take the trail system clockwise as one big lariat loop.  The way back home you will be following the rim so beware of the exposure as you take in the views of gooseberry.  Excellent riding area that really helps to make Zion more of a mountain biking destination with a full weeks worth of unique riding.

Loops -  Ride it as a lariat (lollipop loop) clockwise, or once you know the trail I suppose you could get crafty and do a figure 8.

Pre-ride Music:    Something by royksopp was in my head.
Total Miles:  12 ish

Nearest Coffee, Sushi or other food:  Springdale (foot of Zion NP) Pizza Noodle 5 Stars. Good beer (Polygamy Porter).  Or OSCARS - Breaksfast!! LINNER!!


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Zion Cycles - 868 zion park blvd #2, springdale, UT 84767 (435)-772-0400  (GREAT SHOP)

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