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UT - Goldbar Rim to Portal - Mag 7

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Directions - From moab, take 191 towards I-70, left on 313 , at about 12.8 miles turn left at gemini bridges trailhead sign, park or shuttle from there.

Update 2012 - Can you say Mag 7!  My only complaint about the goldbar rim rides was the waste of vertical down to gemini bridges, then more dirt road to the start of Goldbar (over 5 miles).  Now you just burn down 1 mile of dirt road and take a right on Bull Run which is the start of Mag 7.  The route is meticulously marked as with all of the moab trails now.  Very easy to follow with so many route options. FYI, you can no longer ride your bike down to gemini bridges - ah memories of riding across the arch on a wheelie, wait maybe that was a dream..

I guess the "full pull" would be the following:

Bull Run - Arths Pasture - Lil canyon - Goldbar Singletrack - Goldbar Rim- golden spike - golden shower - Portal

Options: Take Great Escape instead of Arths Pasture And or Take Poison Spyder instead of portal

Or just go crazy and add in a loop on 2 tortoise or super looper hit up eagles pearch.

Moab just keeps getting better and better!

Update 2007 - This year we added on the eagles perch little canyon rim to the goldbar rim ride.  It was a great addition, making the trip 28 miles and 2800 vertical climbing..  Also there is a new blue blazed climb marked "no trail here" which I HEAR is good but didnt happen to see it.  Its supposedly near the intersection with two tortoise loop..  The Singletrack on the goldbar is now blazed blue, easy to follow and more fun than ever!!

UPDATE 2006-  Some really cool singletrack has been added to the goldbar rim.  See map for ST location.. Basically when on the golden spike, near the edge, look for rock piles, hard to follow trail but really nice and technical, some hike a bike.  The second longer singletrack on the map is now marked with a sign and is easier to follow.

Description - (Note, first 8 miles are so are Downhill Dirt Road)

Start out on Gemini bridges trail.  Take a right and follow sandy road that eventually turns into way cool rock riding.  The trail is marked with white T's that are some times hard to find.  Great technicalities, up and down.  Some excellent views from the ridge.  You will love this ride - my favorite ride in moab to date!  Take the portal trail home - be careful - get off your bike and walk the gnarly stuff! Road ride home.

Riding Options:

Upper Gemini Shuttle Dropoff.

1.  Standard loop, Gemini Bridges, to Goldbar to Portal (20 miles 1500 ft climbing, 3,600 descending)

2.  Bonus Loop, Gemini Bridges to Two Tortoise to Portal (23 miles 1500 ft climbing 3,600 descending)

3.  Super Looper, Eagles Perch to Goldbar to Portal (Highly Recomended for epic day, be in shape!!  28 miles 2800 vert)

Poison Spyder.  No shuttle option - good after rain as poison spyder is sandy!  Take poison spyder up, out and back on goldbar singletrack or you can go out on golden spike, back on goldbar singletrack, then return on Portal

Lower Gemini - Climbers delight option - GI Jane Special.  Get shuttle to lower gemini trailhead, take fire roads out and UP to goldbar to portal.

Pre-ride Music:   NIN - Farther away
Total Miles: 20 Miles, 1500 climbing, 3,600 descending
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