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UT - Behind the Rocks or  Back of the Behind -

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4.7 2 to -3 3.4 3.8 4 0 5 3.9 3.75
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Description - This is a great One way if you can wife swap some cars.  Starts out on a lame fire road downhill.  Out and back to an arch.  Out up (hike a bike) and back to another arch - incredible scenery.  Road gets real rocky and fun in places.  Some great technicalities.  Lots of jeeps do trials stuff in this area - so check them out if you have a chance - amazing!!  Down through the final sandy dirt road lined with trees, to the road - right turn 5 miles back to town.  Have a beer, hot tub, and go get the car - not necessarily in that order.  An epic fun adventure filled day!

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Pre-ride Music:   Kings X - Black the sky
Total Miles: 30 one way!!
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