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Moreau Lakes State Park - Spier Falls (Glens Falls, NY) Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures  Preliminary Review - 1 Ride

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Directions - From Albany, take 87 north to exit 17, route 9 south, just follow signs to park.  Get map.  I suggest parking at spier falls road to save yourself like $7. Map is $2, spend the dough..

Description -  This is simply an awesome place to ride, but not without punishment!  Getting to the top seems to be an issue if you don't want any hike a bike.  We parked at the highest point on spier falls road, passed gate, under power lines and took a left on yellow, then right on white, left on blue (MAJOR HIKE A BIKE), top of blue we went straight on red, then left on blue, right at SECOND white, right on yellow, followed yellow all the way back to car.  Once the blue hike a bike was over the trails were great, super well maintained moderately technical, fun singletrack..  Some really cool rock work on the streams and off camber sections was much appreciated.  Big thanks to those who are putting time into trail work..  After riding down yellow Im wondering if riding up that would have more or less hike a bike or if there is another way up..  Soon as  I find out, I will update this review..  I did see one trail not on the posted map that might possibly do just that..  It is marked with a Question mark on the incomplete topo map below.

UPDATE from a post I put up on  There IS a better way up..

Jon, there is a much better way up than the way you went.

After you go under the power lines don't take a left onto the yellow singletrack. Go past that and go left and stay on the double track. That brings you up to the Moreau lookout, which you ended up at after hiking up that blue section on your map. That blue trail is a hiking trail and no one really rides that. (KW has made it down though....on a hardtrail...) icon_eek.gif

You can also go left like you did onto yellow at the bottom and look out on a right a few hundred yards from the entrance (It's tough to see so go slow, it's unmarked) and there is a single track trail that ends up half up the double track climb. You would take a left at the top to continue to the top.

Yellow going up from where you parked is climbable. I have never made the whole thing all at once though, but have made every section except one or two.

What you did besides the hike a bike is the best and biggest loop at Spier. Both Directions are good too.

Loops -  I think the direction to ride the main trail loop on top is clockwise, only question is how to climb, blue is major hike a bike (up or down)..  See update above for how to start..

Pre-ride Music:
Total Miles: 16 +???
Elevation Change Feet - our 8 mile loop was 1400 vertical.. 
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