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Ellicottville McCarty Hill - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

Preliminary Review 50% ish.

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Directions - From Downtown Ellicottville you have 2 options.  For the most miles you can park at Holiday valley Ski resort.  For best bang for your buck ride that we took, take 242 west from center of town for 3.36 miles and take a left on Whig street, 1.2 miles take left on Mutton Hollow, 2.5 miles park near tower, Start of FLT is 50 ft away.

Description -   I first stumbled on this ride while browsing http://www.spokejunkies.com and saw this ride that looked like westwoods.  Curiosity got the best of me so I did some research and put it on the hit list.  Sounded good, and we've never ridden in Western NY before so that's where the trip originated..

This trail system rocks!  We did an awesome 14 mile loop that had such a great variety of trails from Smooth flowing singletrack to technical rock gardens to fun rock slabs with tons of lines off trail.  One section had these "islands" of square rock just off trail, you "had to be there"  but it looked so cool..  2 days of riding here for sure, or one EPIC day.  Get a map at the local bike shop Mud Sweat & Gears,   which has a complete map of McCarty Hill and a few surrounding areas too. 

The trail system was very well maintained. Lots of great rock work helped the flow wherever it made sense and not an ounce more.. Found a few nice drops on and off the trail, nothing gonzo, just fun.  A few really unique sections where the trail drops in between 2 rocks as you drop into the abyss.. 

Loved this ride.  So many cool lines, on many parts of the singletrack I felt like I was on a pump track, this trail system is alive and flowing with energy, stop reading, go ride it..

The Quaint town of Ellicottville was a really nice place to stay with several restaurants.  We had an amazing meal at Dina's, a little pricey but well worth it, great atmosphere.

Loops - I highly recommend the loop I threw together, for once, I think we were going the right direction.  From the car start on FLT, at McCarty hill road take a RIGHT, Then another right on Middle pale ale, then Right on hungry hollow road, Left on next road, 2nd right on Rim Trail (first right has some big boulders), End of rim trail just keep going on Bent rim, Left on Salamanca forest road, right on FLT all the way to billy goat, left on billy goat, then right on south pale ale, right on hungry hollow, left on mcCarty Hill, right on north pale ale to anderson Blvd (singletrack through open grassy area), to buzzards breathe, to mutton hollow trail, to yukons lunch, to porcupine trail.  We cut the porc short and took a left on road for a steep climb back to car.  FOr more miles just stay on porc to big merlin etc etc..  FYI - Loop we rode is in blue on the map below.

Pre-ride Music:
Total Miles: 30 ish?
Elevation Change Feet - Our 14 mile trip was about 1200 vert.  Piece of cake.
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