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Dryer Road Park - Victor, NY - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

Preliminary Review - 50% - 1 Ride

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 QOTR - "whats your vector Victor"

See this local site for up to date info: www.victormtbc.com/ (Great Website for Rochester area riding)

Directions - route 96 into the town of victor turn right on School Street turn right on Dryer Road (second stop sign) Go about a mile and pull into Dryer Recreational Park on the left. 

Description -   Upon arriving at the parking lot at dryer road park you might think your headed for mountain bike heaven.  There is a pump track and a skillz area that has some low impact skinnys between buff singletrack.  The singletrack is all squeezed into a very small parcel of land is well marked by trail name and difficulty.   We started off riding all of the expert trails, which were basically 99% rock solid buff 1.5 track with a few challenges such as a 1.5 foot drop or tight awkward moves.  Some of the expert trails flowed nice, but some just didn't seem to flow.  Expert trails are pretty much shuttle run style via foot network, ride down, pedal up the elevator trail - repeat. Intermediate trails had much better flow, very twisty, but less awkward, owls maze was nice and seemed to work going up or down!.  A Few drops were really fun on the expert trails, think we even saw a log ride and one ramp to deep root endo section on CMP (check my pants), some fast roller coaster action on humpty dumpty.

Pump track worked really well.  I even flowed it with the bullit.

The trail builders did an amazing job with this trail system, might be a world record of trail vs woods ratio!  Everyone in the park seemed to be LOVING it..  The main reason I didn't give the system much of a rating was lack of variety.  99% buff trail, which some people could just die for..  Just Not me.  I think buff trails can be fun when your actually going somewhere.  Felt like I was just riding around circles like a gerbil (NTTIAWWT). 

Loops - Just ride everything.

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Total Miles: They say 16? 
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