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NY - Devil's Den - Daniels Road - (Saratoga Springs area) -

Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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Directions - Take 87 north through Albany, to Saratoga Springs, exit 15, left at exit onto
50.. Drive 1.13 miles and take right onto some road that will shoot you on
route 9 north.. Follow route 9 north ironically 1.13 miles and take left on
Daniels road immediately after RR tracks.. ok I cant believe this, drive 1.13
more miles and take left onto clinton, and park on side of road.. See map if

Alternate route would be to find clinton road in saratoga and go there directly but
saratoga s was TRAFFIC galore when we drove through.

Update 2007 - Its been 2 years since we've hit up Devils Den.  Last time was great but seemed there was lots of logging going on..  Since then there has been some insane trail building going on..  My goal was just to hit 2 new trails for a short ride..  New trails everywhere led to a great ride from techy singletrack to some nice rock sections..   When you see a can of raid on the trail, its there for a reason, I'm standing 2 feet away from it saying to myself, why the hell would someone leave a can of raid, right in the middle of a rock trail..    Then I look down at my feet and see a swarm of bees or hornets, followed by skinny scooby doo legs running back down the trail, only stung once..   A miracle.  Great new stuff at devils den, but remember you have to be a member of SMBA to ride there.  Best trails in the area hands down..


Description - First of all, it should be noted that this is a riding area that requires a use fee..  SMBA members only - call 587-0455 for information..

A great variety of trails here, with impeccable maintenance throughout..  Lots of cool single track scattered with generous amounts of rocks and slickrock..   Some drops, couple stunt like things such as 2x6 A-frame over log and plank drop..   The natural trail obstacles are the highlight though, tons of cool rollers ranging from 5 feet to 20 feet..  So many cool rocks to play on, I doubt you will make it out before dark..  The singletrack trails travel through some very scenic areas around marsh like pond areas with dead trees.  Some pine needle singletrack in between the good rocky stuff..  Purple on map was bad - just double track, didnt see any side trails, so skip em, they are not marked anyway..

Pre-ride Music:
Total Miles: 15 + ???
Elevation Change Feet -  a flat ride with only short ups and downs, 12 mile ride was 600 vert!!
Nearest Coffee, Sushi or other food:  Just go to S.S. - they have everything you want..
Other Rides in area:  moreau_lakes_state_park      pittstown
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