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NY - Blue Mountain - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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Update 2009 - Fat Tire Fest.  I haven't been to blue in a few years so PMD and I made the trek for the Fat Tire Festival.  Despite some wet conditions they had an amazing turnout, great trails and some fun games like the poker rally & skinny Competition.  Managed to ride all new trail, something to be said for that!  Fatty-B gave us a tour of DR-J in The adjacent Depew Park Followed by El Cap, then really nice long sort of decent on Stinger.   Blue is just full of great rock, technical lines and crazy rollers, even a few natural drops.  Make sure and put the fat tire fest 2010 on your calendar - good times.

Directions - From Route 9, just take welcher ave exit, follow east right into park..

Visit WMBA.org for more info

Description - Blue mountain is a great mountain bike destination..   Super fun single track that is so well made (and very buff) its amazing, trail builders should be commended, really milks the vert..  Wish it was more technical but There is stuff to play on everywhere..   Probably the most slickrock I have seen off trail just about anywhere in the east..    Huge free ride potential here..  Did find a couple ridden off trail rollers and stuff..  im sure the locals know where all the goods are..

Basically if you print out the wmba.org map, check out all of the black trails and skinny trails..   Place is very scenic too, the nearest town peekskill isnt the prettiest place but if you go north newburgh and fishkill is a really nice area..

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Total Miles: 15+?
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