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NH - Fort Rock (Exeter) - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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Directions - Just take rte 101 to rte 85 north or south!!  Drive .25 miles north and park on the left or take 85 south for .25 miles and park on the right.

Description - This is the most well maintained spot I have ever ridden!!  Bras off to whoever is participating..  Ok - the trails - Lots of great single track with cool as hell rock gardens, boulders, 50 foot long planks to ride, bridges, longest log ride I have seen under the power lines (nothing gonzo, just fun)..  Just go here - you will not be dissapointed, the only negative was its pretty flat - ahhh who cares..

Pre-ride Music:   Lords of Acid - The Wet Dream
Total Miles: 15 ish
Elevation Change Feet - Pretty Freakin Flat
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