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Update 2009 - Finally checked out the reservoir side of aggy.  Some really fun stuff in there! We did just an 8 mile sampling - the loop around Folly & middle pond.  The East side was great, very technical, stuff to play on, few drops, rollers etc.. Some hike a bike, but not too bad.  Ill be back for sure!


Directions - Route 95 north, exit 4, left on route 1, follow for 3.7 miles and take a left on Mountain Road (across from Flo's hot dogs)..   Follow to Mount aggy access road and park in lot on right..

Description - Bring all the maps you can download above for a good ride..  The park map is very limited but very usefull..  The climb up Aggy is cake, you can do laps without sweating by hitting ring trial to horse trail (easy sleezy switchbacks)..  Sweet furn is slickrock S-track with couple one footers, really fun..  Witch hazel was fun down too, both were short..  Goosefoot is boney, technical, tough climb..  East side of ring was rock garden, very rideable..   Rocky road had some cool Rock, fun down..  Porc was boney flat technical...

The GOODS are at second and third hill, GREAT riding, tons of rock, some drops, killer fun singletrack..  3rd hill had TONS of slickrock up the south side and cool S-track with techs down.. Follow the Cairns.. 

More exploration required - I hear about more trails south - access by red gate down the road..

As a distinguished Hollywood actor once said "Ill be Back"

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Nearest Coffee, Sushi or other food:  Cooks Kitchen??   Right as you get off 95, exit 4, instead of taking a left on route 1, go straight - gourmet stuff, good eats..
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