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Maryland - Frederick Watershed - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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Directions -  From Frederick, take route 70 to exit 48, then route 40 west or north, look for Gambril sign on right..  Follow all the way up past Gambril parking lot, past lot at the top, look for Hamburg road on right, follow Hamburg and look for parking area on right, blue trail crosses here..

UPDATE September 2005:  Hit a nice loop on the northern section.  Some great stuff in there - salamander rock trail was really cool.  Watch out for rattlesnakes!!  So many trails in here, so little time. Some rippin single and hardcore rocks, a good mix.. I have heard conflicting information about posting maps on this place, from what I have heard its a totally legal spot to ride, but they dont want to advertise it too much.  Locals let me know if I should remove anything from my review, such as the trail map.

Description -   Technical singletrack with tons of flow, meticulously maintained by bikers you will find lots of log pyramids, small log drops, technical rock gardens, its not hard to get your bike flowing here..  Cant wait to see more, our first time we had an awesome 10 mile loop on the south side, I hear there's a good 20 miler on the north side

Loops - From parking area, take blue trail south, bear left at first intersection with pink flag, follow blue all the way down to stream, then follow up stream crossing several times great techncial uphilling , last crossing is mild hike a bike, then more rocky technical trail, to single track, that finally ends on fire road..  Take a right on this road, follow all the way to road, at some point you will see yellow markers on it..  Take right on road, stay awake on the pavement and look for the cable vision parking area with gate, ride in here, on road look for immediate right on single track, awesome flowing downhill, merges with fire road, keep going down till you hit the blue, keep your eyes peeled, this is the blue you already took, take a left, then your next right on Volkswagon trail, follow VW all the way to hamburg road and take a left back to car..  Its  a great crazy 8 loop!!!

Big North loop, out on Buck flats, to Blue, to sand flats, to salamander, back on blue all the way to the car..

Pre-ride Music:  Something with a great tempo or even something funky like a browser MMORPG soundtrack should get you in the right mood!
Total Miles: 30 ??
Elevation Change Feet - Our 10 mile loop was 1500 but it didn't feel like that much..

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