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MA - Holyoke Range - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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Directions - Take 91 north through springfield, then exit 16 take right for 202 north follow for 8 miles (first 2 miles has many stoplights), then take left on Porter (across from church on 202), first Y in road stay right, then straight through stop sign, and next Y go right (it looks like the road goes left around bend, just go right, road name is not marked)..  Anyway about 1.75 miles from your starting point on porter, take  a left onto bachelor, drive like couple hundred feet and you will see a dirt parking lot on your right, Trailhead is here!!

Alternate Directions

91 N to 391 N
go to very end of 391 (do not get off any exits, just go to the end)
straight thru first set of lights
keep to right side of road. Look for 202 N signs.
turn right at set of lights (gas station on opposite corner) RT 202 N to Belchertown
go up hill and down hill, straight thru a series of lights (maybe 6 or 7 lights)
cross bridge over CT river into South Hadley, enter rotary and keep to right side of rotary
follow 202/116 signs (should be second right)
look for 116 N (second right hand exit)
stay on 116 N all the way thru South Hadley (I guessing about 5 miles, road makes some funky turns) into Granby
about 1 mile or so look for
right onto Amherst St., go down small hill
left onto Batchelor St.
go straight. Just past power lines start looking on left for parking area

Description - (1ST TRIP)  It feels like im in British Columbia, without the stunts, not that I have ever been there..  Nice winding single-track, good climbs, lots of vertical, switchbacks, rollercoaster stuff.  Recommended trails are Serpentine, twister, rollercoaster, technical trail, lost & found, Far East and Entrance exam.  (SECOND TRIP) - It feels like im in AZ (Hot loop), soapstone, the list continues, varied terrain - Twister, Technical Trail and entrance exam are moderately technical, lots of fun..  Twister even has some nice short sections of slickrock.  I made it about 1/3 way up NR which was very cool too, steep rocky jeep road, boneyardesque!  Stop reading, just go here, bring a map, and some legs. 

Pre-ride music:  Anything by Twisted Sister - I want some rocks, rocks rocks - is that how it went??
Total Miles:  65 ish - no joke
Elevation Change - (typical short 7 mile ride is 1000 vertical)
Nearest Coffee, Sushi or other food:  On your way out on rte 202, 6 miles from rte 91, near an intersection (sign for rte 116), there is a Dunkin Donuts on your left.  I would drive to Northampton and find some food, great eats there!!


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