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Directions:  Fort. Yargo is in Winder Ga. which is east by north east of Atlanta about 40 miles. Take I-85 to exit 129 and head south on GA 53. Merge in with Ga 211 thru Winder and continue on to S. Broad Street for about .7 miles. The park gate is hard to miss. (For GPS Navigation, State = Georgia, City = Winder, Street = 210 S. Broad Street)

Description:  About 12.5+  miles of  buff, single track on the outer loop with a few more miles near the lake on the inner loop. Please see the map; outer loop is in red, inner is green, note that North is down ??? We were there on a Sunday so our enforced direction was cw out of the lot. Avoid taking any of the marked “bypasses” as the areas bypassed are the only places with any redeeming value i.e. (3 Step Hill & Monster Mile). Much of the trail is featureless yet it flows well and is impeccably maintained.

Further out on the outer loop is Monster Mile. This section does have some tree snakes, small whoop-de-doos, a few quick turns and unexpected short but steep climbs; but “Monster”, I think not. Near the end (if you are traveling cw) there are two “gravity cavities” that are almost 9’-12’ vertical. Due to the uneven height of the entrance and exits, ccw is less of a challenge.

Further on the outer loop, HorseShoe Drop offers a few deeper whoop-de-doos with slightly less vertical outs.  The last named area is Heart Attack Hill which could, at worst, cause you momentary indigestion.  

The good news: Easy to find and endless parking is available. The people that work there actually like bikers and don’t treat you like you have an STD. Plenty of other things for the rest of the family to do when you are on the trail i.e.  Frisbie golf, boat rental, swimming, tennis, yada, yada, yada. See (http://www.gastateparks.org/info/ftyargo/) If you canoe or kayak, bring it along, there are several launches and the water looks clean enough to roll in. Campsites, cottages, and yurts (?) are available.  The trails are directional by days of the week and everyone seems to follow the rules. It is literally impossible to get lost. There is a bike wash station for post-ride, and plenty of restrooms.  For trail status after a rain, go to www.yaba.homestead.com (no ride 24hrs after a rain).

The bad news: 5$ parking fee. Due to the lake, campground, “kiddie” area, and putz trails, it could be crowded during the summer and weekends. This is strictly and unambiguously a “XC” trail system (if you avoid Monster Mile and Horseshoe Drop.) The “root and rock gardens” won’t shake the mud from your tires. There are some bridge crossings which are handicap accessible.

Total Miles: 15+

Average Speed: 6-9 mph

Max Speed on single track: 21 mph

Elevation Change 50’

Pre-ride Music: Anything by Yanni since it all sounds the same and it will put you to sleep.

Restaurants: It’s picnic time!


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