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CT - Millers Pond State Park - Durham - (The Rock Store) Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures -

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UPdate 2014

Spray Painting Rocks on Trails - Recently some of our favorite local riding areas have fallen victim to unsightly vandalism in the form of spray paining rocks and logs with arrows.  I assume the individuals who are doing this mean no harm.  The intent is to make the trail easier to follow.  The result is land owners are VERY UNHAPPY, trail builders are Extremely Pissed, trail users are fuming.   The paint will be removed as much as possible and will some day fade, but we need to get the message out that this is not cool.  Permission to build more trails in the future has been threatened, and lots of time will be wasted on the removal.  Time better spent on planning and maintaining new trails.  If anyone knows who is doing this painting, feel free and contact me -  I would rather you join the trail building crew and work in an official manner than work against us.  If you wish to make the trails more followable, do it right, contact the people in charge and ASK if you can help. Even blowing the leaves off of trails can create problems, but pales in comparison to introducing unsightly spay-paint to Nature.

Lastly, the #1 rule of mountain biking always applies:  If you didn't build the trail, don't mess with the trail.  corinthians:26


UPdate 2012:  New trail named "stripper shoes" is now complete.  Its a bit more intermediate than the red option.  See yellow trail with red flags on map.  From parking lot, head towards pond, left on red, after rollers, few hundred feet look on left for pile of rocks..

Also - many have complained that millers is too technical which is understandable.  If you like less technical trails check out Rockland preserve! New buff - singlespeed friendly singletrack is going in and is a great place to ride, just up the road from millers!  An EXCELLENT addition to the area for mountain biking..  Go check it out..


Update 2009.  New Trails are essentially complete but still lots of TM going on.  Just a couple of notes for the season:

- Please avoid millers when its wet.  I suggest you give it 2 days to dry after a good rain, especially the "xc loop"

- Please do not create trail braids that go around technical parts of the trail.  Millers is very technical, and will stay that way.  If you cant clean a section just get off your bike and walk it. If you see a trail braid that is blocked, please do not unblock it.

- Thanks to all who have helped out on the trail, awesome network of technical singletrack! - See you on the trails


Virtual Tour - New

Update 2008 - New XC trail has been added shown yellow on map.  It does have some fun stuff on it but is mainly less technical singletrack.  Be prepared for some hills.

Update May 2007 - Another section of trail is ready to ride at millers.  Huge thanks to FOCKER, HH, Tubless Todd for making this trail appear in just a couple weeks after flagging and approval from Alex.  The new trail is very technical, some nice features right on the trail, rollers, drops, rock gardens - even a wall ride and table (coming soon)..  Not to mention sweet slickrock to minigap next to stream. - THe new trail (1.1 miles long)  is on the map, but basically if you follow the south red trail, you will run right into it, it is temporarily flagged pink, due to the many gynological exams you will encounter.

There are new singletrack trails going in at millers pond..  Come help us out on the next trail day..  Trail work days will be posted in the forum..  Most recent trail's  are on map in RED labeled "new" - short about 1.5 miles totall but they  rock.. Go ride it..  Then tool around to check out other stuff..  Warning, the new trails are not for the timid.  Solid expert, great technical singletrack with natural rollers and drops right on the trail..  Many nearby trails around the pond for beginners.  More miles to come..

Thanks NEMBA, and special thanks to Alex Sokolow for making this trail project happen.

There are NO Motorized vehicles allowed here. No dirt bikes.  No ATV's. No automobiles. No Pickups.  No heavy equipment.

Directions - From WALLINGFORD take route 68 East, left on 17 for like 100FT, Right on Maiden Lane, Straight thru 2 stop signs, Bear right on Johnson, right turn on Haddam Quarter road, Right on Foot hills, Parking area is .33 miles on right.. 

From Hartford Area take 91 south, to Route 9 south, through middletown (beware of traffic rush hour), From Route 9: Take Exit 11. Follow 155 West (for .75 miles). Turn left onto Millbrook Road (travel for 2.59 miles to fork). Bear left onto Foothills Road (1.16 miles total - you will pass haddam quarter intersection, then another 500 ft. Parking area is on the right.

Description -   Technical singletrack, old school..  Great lines in here, some drops, rollers, natural log rides, great views around the lake.. 

If you go across the street and venture, obey all signs and beware of dogs on the loose..  3 Dobermans to be specific, recommend not riding there alone.

Loops - Suggest riding either new trail marked in red on the map FROM the parking lot..   New trails are short but sweet, add in some adjacent trails to lengthen your loop.. DOH...

Quotes: "I see naked people" - "bring your A game"
Total Miles: Mountain biking loop will be about 6 miles when finished, other trails in area though..
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