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CT - Mianus River Park - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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Update October 2008:  Please stay on Marked trails and do not create Bootleg trails.  Do not build jumps!


Directions - Take route 15, merrit parkway, south to Den road exit.  Short distance take Left on Bengal, then another left on Riverbank. Follow Riverbank for about 1.4 miles and take right on Merriebrook LN.  End of Road VERY small parking area, 5 cars or so..

Description -   Little bit of everything in this small park..  Most trails are heavily used doubletrack with some roots and rocks.  Some trails not listed on the map were more singletrack.  Lots of log crossings, A few jumps, few drops, Couple rollers, one crazy one indeed.. 


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Total Miles: Maybe 11 miles im guessing
Elevation Change Feet - Its Pretty Flat..
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