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CT - Hurd State Park - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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Directions - Rte 9 south to middletown, take (rte 17 / 66) east over river.  Take right on 66 east just after bridge at light.  Travel 5 miles and take right on 151 south.  2.45 miles take hard right before light and park in dirt lot, OR take soft right and follow the signs for the main entrance..

Update 2011 Hurd has had a growing # of buff singletracks pop up, but lately I see a few fun rock lines off trail developing.  Nothing gonzo, but good to see. New Purple trail has been added to the map too.

Update 2008 - A few new trails have been poping up over the past 2 years and have been added to map. New trails are totally XC, but there sure are some fun rocks just off trail (see pictures).

Description -  This is a small state park with mainly easy XC trails but some cool rock stuff 2 boot..   Its like a cross between wadsworth falls and lynn woods like that means anything to you..  Some hills, some slick rock sections that are really really cool, with awesome views..  You can adventure down to the abandoned george dudly state park, find some old stairs to ride, a perfect 2-3 foot drop, and one exerrent 7-10 foot huck with transition landing..   Although this place was pretty dam tame, it has SOOO much potential, crazy rideable rocks everywhere off trail..   Rocks are smoother than middlesex, and woods are much less dense and lacking deathly laurell trees that i have to duck under..

Pre-ride Music:  Rusted root - balls turned blue, or make that cat turned blue
Total Miles:   im gonna say 11 ish
Elevation Change Feet -  500-1000
Nearest Coffee, Sushi or other food:  On the way to middletown home, I found TWO count them 2 dunkin donuts.   Go to middletown for any food you crave - Eli Cannons - bar food, Mikado - sushi plus theres a Thai place - all on main street..


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Cycling Concepts - 825 Cromwell Ave., Shunpike Village Shops, Rocky Hill, CT 06067-3020  Phone: 860.563.6667 Fax: 860.563.6713

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