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CT - Huntington State Park - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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Update 2011:  It has been SOOOO long since ive ridden here so decided to check out the new goods on sunday.  Thanks to Scrublover for the tour for sure!  The new Nemba trail and new chimney trail are great, reminds me of millers (minus the drops and log rides)..  Some really cool natural rock lines, technical yet flowy, some cool FWO's, few log rides, few drops, few rollers..  Plus some really interesting rocks off trail that had smoothie salivating.  Some nice scenery too ;) .

Directions - From 58 north, 5 way intersection go straitish on sunset hill road..  First parking area is .75 miles on right.  You could have gotten a bad map of the fire roads there if we didn't take the last one.

Description - Huntington is a small to medium sized state park located in picturesque town of bethel..  Quite a variety of riding here - Single track, double track, some rocky stuff, couple gnarly downs, pretty easy stunts, maybe a drop or 2 but LOTS of fire roads..  So I guess you have to take the good with the bad, ride the fire roads to put the miles in and add in every section of S-track you can find..  This place has TONS of potential, Ill get my people on it..  We found a really cool slickrock section TOO..  Just a note - the good trails are not marked and semi hard to follow in the fall..

News Just In - Night riding is NOT allowed at this riding area..  The neighbors are complaining and the land manager is not happy..   Please comply and ride elsewhere at night.. My people tell me that arrests may be the result if you don't comply!!   Thanks for the tip Paula!

Pre-ride Music:  Anything by Boss Hog
Total Miles: 15
Elevation Change Feet - 10 mile ride had 700 feet of vertical.
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