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CT - Soapstone - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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There are NO Motorized vehicles allowed here. No dirt bikes.  No ATV's. No automobiles. No Pickups.  No heavy equipment.

2009 Update - Soapstone used to be one of my favorite local spots to ride - Since its such a haul now I only make the trip once a year.  Latest ride was fun, but the trails are wider than ever, crazy moto traffic.  A few new trails too but nothing to write home about.  Still a great place to ride, not much single-track on the south side but lots of technical trail.  Its even muddier than it used to be due to excessive ruts..  I wouldn't advise riding here after or during rain, but I also wouldn't feel that guilty about it.

Directions - From hartford take rte 84 east, to exit for rte 83 (#95??) (its the exit after south windsor exit which is #63)... Stay left at the first fork on the offramp and bear right at the second fork to rte 83 north.
Follow 83 (through many stop lights) for 3.54 miles where rte 83 takes a left at light. Then follow for 3.02 more miles through cow country, take right onto 140 (crystal lake rd.) (just 50 ft after a traffic light). Follow 140 for 3.67 miles and take a left on burbank rd (if you see crystal lake, you've gone too far). follow burbank rd for 2.7 miles, slam on brakes, take a left into state park. Note at some point burbank turns into gulf road!!

Alternate - you can take 91 north to enfield, exit for 190 east (many miles - ??8??) , follow to gulf road, take a right, look for state park sign.

Description - Soapstone, 3 words, great rocky singletrack.  Some long down hills, nemesis short technical climbs, rock gardens etc... Great night ride! - Not so great if its wet.  We did a zero degree frozen stream ride here once - EPIC - frostbite ride, ground felt pretty hard when I hit it too!!

Loops - Standard (old) Loop 1-4-5-6-3-28-29-30-31-32-5-7-9-11-16-18-10-9-8-1

Pre-ride Music:   Freestylers - check the skillz
Total Miles:  26.34
Elevation Change - 958 Feet - Elevation Profile
Nearest Coffee, Sushi or other food:  Nearest Coffee:  Rte 83 south, takes a right turn (at light), then its on the right after first light.  Food and drinks - take 83 south and look for caseys on left..
Local Bike Shops 331 New London Tpk. Glastonbury, CT 06033  (860) 659-0114
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