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CT - Nassahegon (Burlington) - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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UPDATE 2009 - FYI - Please do not park at the Scoville rd and Rt 69 junction. The New Britain water dept has infomed us they will start to issue a $33 fine to any cars parked here in the next few weeks. There are many other locations to park so please use them.


Update 2008 - Some of the old stone road trails have been re-vitalized!   Good stuff, a drop or 2 & some logrides 2 boot

Directions - Take Rt 84 West and get onto Rt. 72 West in New britain. Take Exit 1 and turn right onto Rt. 177 North. Pass Tunxis Community College at intersection of Rt. 6. Continue North on 177 to the 3rd traffic light and turn left onto burlington? road. (There's an abandoned gas station site at this corner on the left.) At the 4th stop sign stay on GW Tpke - it's a soft right at this 5-way stop. Continue about 3 miles to the next stop sign, go straight ahead and then bear left onto Stone Road about 100 yards up the road. About a 1/4 mile up Stone Rd. park at the large clearing on right.

Description - This place has just about everything but slick rock.  Winding smooth single track, rocky single track, some really rocky single track and a few gonzo climbs.  Devils kitchen is worth the trip and can be a challenge to clean - stairs are deadly, but make able (not by me!).  Go out to Johnny cake mountain for a great climb with awesome technicalities.  Crossing GW TNPK you will find one of the hardest make able climbs in the area followed by the steepest down hills.  One area is logged but I am sure you can handle a little bush wacking to pickup the trail.  There are also some deadly stunts here, plus some more tame stunts..  Anything from ramps that are 10 feet high to 2 foot high see-saws..  One stop shopping here..

Also Check out for Nassahegon info - They ride there ALL the time!!

Pre-ride Music:   Beck - Devils haircut  
Total Miles: 22
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Nearest Coffee, Sushi or other food:  Rte 72 in bristol has to have a DD, or go north to avon if its on your way home, right on rte 4 (near int. of 4 and 77 179)  Too many numbers in my head, its a plaza youll find it..
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