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CT - Case Mountain  (I.E. Casemart)

Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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Just call 911 if you feel lost at all.

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5 4.3 Its not fun or funny The Trail Taggers Sweet Jumps & Drops Gallore (plus Pussy P Galore) Once upon a time. No worries, if there is anything technical, there is a trail around that, and a trail around the trail around that. ZERO point ZERO

Nada Nada Limonada

No Soup for you

OK, its a 5.0

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Update 2014:  Case is the new case. 

Update 2011:  Huge thanks to everyone who pitched in at case after the latest storms!  Your efforts have not gone un-noticed.  And some nice functional bridges have been added here and there, great to see, made to last!  Kudos..  And on another note, please do not build stunts out of nails and lumber.  After they break, and you forget about them, they kinda look like crap tossed to the side of the trail.  Keep it natural, lasts forever..

Update 2009:  Case has been officially turned into a National forest.  Mountain biking is now closed.

(thanks obd)

Update 2008:  With all the latest blazing, unblazing, re-blazing, spray paint everywhere, pussy paths everywhere, old cool trails getting cut short due to the required ability to ride them.  Im throwin the towel in, case is dead to me, for now, if I ride there, ill stay off the trail or close my eyes for fear that medusa will rear her ugly head.

Update 2006: Case mountain is so over-ridden it sickens me..  There are so so so..  so so many trail braids you can barely find the original trail.  The main trails are up to 8 ft wide..  TQ on the bikerag forum and others have been working together to work on the problems with the blessing's of land managers.

What YOU can do..  Yes YOU..  STOP trail braiding (if you are), Stop riding the braids (as if you could tell where the original trail is)..  And most importantly IF you know where the original trail is, BLOCK the trail braids. If everyone would just do a little work, it would go a LONG way..   Trail braids include short-cuts around corners, long cuts around technical lines, multiple parallel lines for no apparent reason..  Even the metavomit has fallen victim.. 

Also, if you find yourself riding case more than any other spot, go adventure on some new terrain.  Try not to schedule every group ride there.. Thanks to all that have ventured elsewhere..

Give Back, do your part, the trails appreciate it..

Directions -  Birch Mountain Road Lot - Route 384 east, exit 4, left at exit over highway, right at light, down hill, under highway, right on birch mountain road..  Travel couple hundred feet, looking for dirt lot on right..

Directions - Line Street Lot - 384, exit 3, left at exit, 1.46 miles take a left on LINE STREET, .71 miles, park in first lot on left or on side of road if lot is full.. 

There are NO Motorized vehicles allowed here. No dirt bikes.  No ATV's. No automobiles. No Pickups.  No heavy equipment No paintball.

Description - Case has been the favorite spot for mountain bikers east of the river for a long time.  It can be very crowded at times and the trails are getting pretty worn in, making it less technical and challenging..  Some great riding can still be had here though with good single track and nice technical rock gardens.  There is a great rock climb we call the "slick rock" too..  Add a loop to gay city if your feeling spunky adding 6 to 9 miles to your trip..

Pre-ride Music:    Praga khan Remove the armour
Total Miles: 754342
Elevation Change Feet - about 1000 feet for typical 10 mile loop..
Loops - I like to take the purple-blue-yellow green to the grey-white-lavender to the orange-purple-brown-silver and back on red to yellow.
Nearest Coffee, Sushi or other food:  Natori at the buckland hills mall area in the (near EMS), Or _____ sushi place in glastonbury, or Higashi in south windsor..  Hungry Tiger for drinks..
Local Bike Shops 331 New London Tpk. Glastonbury, CT 06033  (860) 659-0114
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