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Mooween State Park - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures
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Description -   Mooween state park is a brand new trail system created by NEMBA with approval of the DEEP.  The trails are laid out in one main loop with directional trails descending and ascending.   The climbs and decents were kept as long as possible while utilizing the natural terrain which Mooween has plenty of.

All natural drops and jumps have go arounds, but the trail is moderately technical.  There are also many bail spots if you wish to ride a shorter loop. See map for intersection of new singletrack vs existing trail.

History - The Polaroid camera was invented at Mooween. 

Loops -

Pre-ride Music: Juno Reactor - swamp thing
Total Miles: 9.6 singletrack + maybe 4 of existing doubletrack
Elevation Change Feet - 999
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2 Barton Hill Rd
East Hampton, CT

Phone: (860) 365-5496

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