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CO - Fruita - Kokopelli loops - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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Update 2012: Did a nice 15 mile tour of Fruita this trip.  Few new trails in the area, near the start on Marys there is a nice singletrack called wranglers? I think..   And then up on mack ridge there is a brand new trail that we didnt hit.  Always good times in fruita, amazing views, lots of riders compared to the old days! Loop we took was Marys to wrangler to marys to steves to out and back on mack ridge (good climb!) then more fun home.. 


Big thanks to for a great map.

UPDATE!! 2006 - Finally got to ride Some other trails here..  Great stuff

- Steve's loop was so Cool, couple really cool technical sections, great singletrack, totally amazing views.

- Mack ridge trail - Starts as bulldozer 8 track, uphill, Just ride it, Once the dh starts, crazy awesome intermediate tech singletrack with epic views..  Great flow..

- More fun - You like TEchie singletrack ups and downs??  RIDE THIS TRAIL..  Most awesome doable, expert tech 600 foot climb with switchbacks, big ups and dance moves..  Downhill was indescribably good....Ill try.. technical, singletrack with rollers and rocks, ups and downs..  Trail was so well designed, your vert is milked like anything with nipples..  IT is indeed more fun.. Than anything..  My new favorite trail, and that's saying somethin..


Directions - See map, its pretty dam easy to get there, right off the exit is a parking area..

Description - This place is worth the 1 1/2 or so hour drive from Moab!  Several different loops are available to link together.   Anyway - Great Singletrack here, you can ride most of it in one day.  Marys loop is the main easy sleezy loop that follows the bench above the river.  Drop into the horsethief bench loop for GREAT fast single track, some cool tech's!!  Lions loop and Troy built have some great downhills and moderate climbs, cool off camber single track on the side of the mountain..  Rustler is a nice quick and dirty warmup.

Loops - 20 miler (Start at loma, ride Marys loop, to Steves, to marys, to Lions, to mack ridge, to more fun, back to car..  20 miles, 2700 vertical..  (add in horsthief Bench and or Rustlers for more miles) ( add in Troy for even more miles)

Pre-ride Music:  The cure - strange fruit - killing an arab
Total Miles:  I am guessing like 25, but could be completely wrong as I am not a local!!
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