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NC - Beech Springs (Charlotte area) Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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Notes From Caveman

Beech Springs (Poplar Tent) - Another dedicated bike park in the Charlotte area. This place was such a tease! There's a little jump track right at the parking area, but then the trails turned out to be pretty boring XC stuff. There are some nice stunts and a few jumps within the park, but the pedaling to get to them just doesn't flow like the USNWC trails.

Directions -  Park is located in Concord, N.C.  From Charlotte, take I-85 Northbound Exit 52 Poplar Tent Rd. Turn left off ramp. Goodman Rd. is Approx 100 yards from the interstate ramp. Turn right onto Goodman Rd and go approx 1 mile. Beach Spring is on the left. You can’t miss it.

Latitude 35.413186859780126

Longitude -80.69268107414245

Description -  

Start ride on red arrow/blue dot/ to 1st Optional red arrow trail “Tuff Trail #1”  which loops and brings you back to the main trail.  Next Optional was Devils Drop loop which climbs up to the “top o’ the drop”. Plan “A” is straight down; please note the bumpers wrapped around some of the trees. Take this as a not too subtle warning for the intellectually challenged. Plan “B” is to continue on to the alternate route to the bottom of Devils Drop and to the river.  You can pick up another Optional Trail by Slippery Rock Creek.  We turned left & followed the trail to “Danger/Dead Tree” and picked up ST2 which snaked thru trees in tight switchbacks and then back onto the main trail.  Came around to Pound Rock (nice stunts and rocks to play with here), then on to Rock Dam (danger) via the main or Log Trail and then on to Fern Valley Ext. Back on Main, we picked up ST4 & “Christmas” trail and snaked back to main trail.  Picked up Vortex  to Jungle1 and then on to Jungle 2 which has two bridge jumps.  Continued on Main trail to Gravity Cavity which is a huge friggin woop–de-doo; do it til you puke!    

Back on to the Main trail to Optional “Short Cut If you Can Do It” which is an easy steep short “carpeted” climb, then to Optional “Tuff Trail#2 and the “Swamp” trail. Swamp has a steep uphill climb and some root drops, and a woop-de-do that ends almost vertical. Then you’re on the way back to the car and stunt playground (see pics).

The good news: Something for everyone, can’t get permanently lost, surprises at most turns. Bridges, roots, rocks, wild descents, woop-de-doos and stunts on trail and adjacent to parking lot. Abso-fu%$*-lutely the best (i.e. most technical) place to bike in the Charlotte area - a must do. Bring armor and spare bike/body parts, Last Rites are recommended for Devil’s Drop.


Note: This is a private park. Cost is 3$ per person. Pay the bucks, it is worth it!  Sign up sheet (waiver) is in the Start Shack. If you don’t sign in, you are trespassing! There are typically some maps du jour available next to the waiver form although they leave something to be desired; the trails are constantly being enhanced and re-routed so who cares!  Bottom line. “Red Arrow with Blue Dot” is the main trail, Red Arrow with Red Dot” are optional (i.e. the fun stuff).  Seek out the “Danger” signs and proceed with caution!

Loops -

Pre-ride Music:  Robert Palmer – “Simply Irresistible”
Total Miles: 8
Elevation Change Feet - less than 100
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