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CT - Mount Southington (or South Mtn.) - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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Directions - Old parking area seems to be closed - no tresspassing signs and stuff..  We parked at some school

Take 84 to exit for rte 322 (its pretty much right after (like 1/4 mile) the exit for 691 east),
take a left at the exit ramp that puts you on 322 west bound. Go straight through light, then
bear right (.61 miles from highway, then straight through 5 way intersection (no stop sign) (.93 miles from highway), drive by golf course, under power lines, then 2 miles from highway, Take a right on county, drive 1.57 miles and take another right on WoodTick road..  At 1.5 miles you will pass your destination trail head (tunxis), keep going another .4 miles and park in back of school.  School is on right..   You can also park in the small dirt lot just north of lake compounce..

There are some great trails in this area, but getting to them can be a biatch!  .  In any case once you get there the riding is awesome, but does not have the longevity for a big bucket ride.  Some incredible rocks here, the Slick rock garden below the reservoir is a classic challenge (very doable).  Some good downhill sections, one really cool off-camber downhill under the power lines..  Some lunges - typical technicalities too??  You can do somewhat of a loop but always end up doubling back at some point..  Some of the trails have been KILLED by ATV's, its a shame..   Most of the blue singletrack is still in good shape.. 

Pre-ride Music:   Pragga khan - Lonely - The greasy bass remix of course
Total Miles: 14 +
Elevation Change Feet -
Nearest Coffee, Sushi or other food:  Rte 322 east of rte 84 there is a dunkin donuts, newly renovated, freshly stocked and roach free.


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