CT - Cockoponset South (Pataconck Reservoir)

TRIALS - CT plate - who is it??

TTT had no problem finding this ride - his new name sake

Grand Master B - Gets it up on the first level as if there was a blow up doll for a treat..

Ankle biter - no egging on needed

Skates away unharmed, but a close one..

See guilty look - Beaver lying low in the backround, wondering where the topless equestrians are..

If theres a rock anywhere, AB will get up on it, or die trying

Stupid Puke - thats what ab is saying now, I missed the shot, well you wanted a man with a slow hand..


Trail on the north side of beaver meadow road

Some good rocky stuff

Some single track

Shlick rock

One nice drop - roll or huck

2 dollar trail - crazy trials riding


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CS-5.jpg (153548 bytes)Yellow brick road CS-6.jpg (142470 bytes) CS-7.jpg (91110 bytes) Log crossing take 5 CS-9.jpg (66707 bytes) Budha beach

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