CT - Meshomasic state forest Pictures

GI-J Goes BIg              BEASTMASTER


Blue trail up-gap (downside)

Blue downhill

Slickrock section

Crazy jagged, rutted out downhill

Overlook - Oooo Ahhhhh

Great Pond?

PMD - roller    HL - roller    HL - Mini Blind Faith    PUKE-Up mini BF     PUke dn mini   

PMD - Dn mini     PUke - Dn slab    HL - Dn slab with 1/2 endo!!!!

S&B - B for behind the seat

TT leans forward, toying with death, and most likely broken bike parts

TT rock bridge

HL goes down with ease

Stunning photography (yes I droped the camera)

PMD about to roll

PMD flying east coast west coast, snap crackle pop, nice dismount

HL crashed too, I think


Shake and bake on the Himen gap  
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