Climbing Recaps

Climb 120x90

4-11-03 Ankle Biters sliding wall Debut - "the legend of Jane Henry"

3-18-03 Young Neil Takes a ride on the red one

 1-13-03 SPLATT CRACKLE POP - By THPS - Edited by pukemaster

1-06-03  I think, therefore im drunk.  An empty gym, and we are here, so its still an empty gym with dance music, good music, evil music, satanic music about nazis and abortions, hey this is my MIX..

11-13-02 Testicle gargling 101 or climbing you be the judge

11-11-02 Veterans day at Prime Climb

2-04-02 2 craps are always better than one - epic indoor crime

1-28-02 Owls Lair Recrap - the Decompression chamber with britney spears

1-16-02 PC An epically EVIL night at PC - callace - the other white meat (I mean FLeSh)

1-14-02 PC "what you got a diapragm for X-mas"

1-2-02 PC "grada-ouch high gravity evening - low hanging flopathon

12-28-01 PC "sucking the rusty tailpipe"

12-23-01 PC Grab that small thing between your legs

12-20-01 PC climbing is better than masturbation.

4-27-01_cathole women who live in glass houses should change in the basement the mother BEE is outside.

4-13-01_Climbing the slopy smokey bar cole slaw - crap.

4-11-01 Have penis will travel - catHOLE crap - oh yeah who's your dad'y

4-4-01 Pink... is my favorite crayon

3-28-01 Hi!, Im Hewey Lewis.... Male prostitute This recap is bad to the mother fing bone

1-31-01 Return of the pink.... Bastard?

1-16-01 Climbing the yellow turkeys ready basted corpse with Barry Cosel on the couc

1-10-01 3 bloody muskateers - and company - pacer

1-08-01 Gumby puke and piss off to a new venue (M.I. - III)

12-20-00 To crap or recap that is the question? Yet another disfunctional christmas
party, climbing extravaganza..

12-17-00 Its begining to look alot like siphlis. The pukemaster that stole xxxmas. yeah its just a recap.

12-15-00 Barry you fing bastard - better not beat me up the 5.11+blue - off the list

12-14-00 RE: NEXT tuesday CRIME then "Tennis Elbow" Party at Magic Fingers House.

12-13-00 NEXT tuesday CRIME then "Tennis Elbow" Party at Magic Fingers House.

12-06-00 we climbed with reckless abandon, like a 3-way tofu sandwich

11-29-00 The cocoa cabana bastard - Flop fest recap

11-22-00 Hot and sour cry baby soup for 2 - death by garbage-man CAPBarry the

11-20-00 bastard drinks - beware - Belated airborne recap

11-15-00 License, registration, and what the hell is that white stuff on your hands?!? - recap

11-13-00 sunday afternoon quickcap (then a qiuck nap)

11-10-00 If you don't like this recap, it's PM's fault for going on vacation

11-08-00 We all climbed up, but lisa#1 and BTB went DOWN, DOWN, DOWN.

11-03-00 Shopping cart road rage? - 3 recaps for the price of 1. ride ride climb

11-01-00 subject.... the whole church should get drunk... WK recap

10-27-00 No pink projects, no wet spots, just sticky fingers and gewey glazed holds - recap

10-25-00 my hands are red and my feet.....(well they stink) vulgarian recap

10-18-00 C.S. Many a false step is made standing still

10-11-00 Thursday climb PrimeCLIMB then GET LAID PARTY at ally's house

10-10-00 truly tasteless climbing recap

10-06-00 mary - The way to a womans heart is through her ribcage - climbcap

10-04-00 women in glass houses should change in the basement - recap

10-02-00 hungover anal crack action with an aids infected hangnail on the side - recap

9-29-00 Climb sunday + bloodshed quickcap (DOH! my head)

9-27-00 cry baby soup - 5.7++++++ RECAP.

9-29-00 A quickie recap - Lightning strikes twice, flush thrice

9-20-00 A quickie recap - Lightning strikes twice, flush thrice

9-15-00 piss once, flush twice - penis colada climbing reca

9-13-00 climbing sabatical in wallykill, kill, kill, kill, (DaM THAT SKIPPING CD)

8-30-00 belay bitch, East nile mosquitto swatting contest, climb recap.

8-28-00 Gunks - Sweat baby sweat - Thrill KILL climbing adventure

8-23-00 "If you were any less black, you would be clear" - big blacky climb recap

8-18-00 barbie does windows - climb recap - lesbian dance party!!

8-14-00  Double Date (should be longa) Recap! The day the sucky gym RULED the universe?

8-11-00 short basturdian recap - Cliff Party - MJB your not in africa anymore

8-08-00 sat & mon recap - Crime tonight??

7-28-00 - Honey BUnnys translation of below

7-28-00   I am P'ing all over the walls right now!! climb wallyworld inverted recap

7-28-00 This recap is soooo good, I am retiring - Prime climb reca

7-21-00 Houston we have a problem - social climb

7-19-00 lonely on ragged mountain recap

7-7-00 ragged

7-6-00 ragged