Bikerag is looking for riders to map out and review trails for the areas/States where we lack coverage.  Below is what we are looking for..

1.  Intermediate to expert rider with a drive for finding and exploring technical and fun trails.

2.  Rider should presently own a handheld GPS unit compatible with national geographic topo, and capable of creating maps via track points and waypoints.  A digital camera is a must too.

3.  Topo software may be supplied by if we have it in stock

4.  Writing skillz a plus, sense of humor a must - basically we need the reviews to be consistent as possible..

What you get for mapping trails - Free topo software - Some bikerag swag, bragging rights, editorial powers etc.... Your biking pictures online forever..  Something for your resume..  Ummm and any other perks bikerag can scrape up for you..

IF you have any interest, please email me a little bit about yourself, the areas you plan to ride - and well see if we can make a dope deal...