Bikerag Swag

New Rules for FREE Bikerag Swag: Magnets, stickers and cards are free for Mountain Bikers who use the website and want to spread the word about

1: Tell me what you like most about - Be specific, like "I like the ATV trail reviews", Or "I like the spell check feature in the forum"

2: Tell me What bike you ride, where you ride, and your favorite type of trail.

3: Email me your MAILING address - USA ONLY - In the typically mailing format so I can cut and paste it to an envelope.. TELL ME WHAT SWAG YOU WANT. Maximum 3 magnets.

4: If at all possible, send me a picture of you mountain biking with description, it may even end up on the website.. We are looking for riding pictures across the US to expand bikerag's horizons..

5 - Email the answers to these questions to

Finally, if your a mountain biker, this should take you all of 2 minutes to be accepted into the free swag program, and hopefully it will weed out all of the freebee people on the net.

Finally if you have received the swag and would like to donate to the swag fund, use the link below and donate ANY amount of money that makes you feel good..  Its very much appreciated!

All New Bikerag Fridge Magnets Below for his and her pleasure

Bikerag 24 racing flag

Maine - view from the P. river in portland

Vermont - View from burlington

Sedona - AZ - Hot loop

MA - Chicoppe state forest

CT - Case mountain, old school

Fruita CO, Marys loop

Moab, utah - Bartlet wash

NH - Exeter

NV - Bootleg canyon

Pisgah NC, looking glass rock

WV - snowshoe, Puke and OBD on your fridge.. Jackson hole back country skiing pic of GI - Jane

VA - Brush Mountain

Devils Den - NY - Saratoga springs

UT - Zion area - View of Gooseberry mesa from Jem loop - Fantastic


"is that bikerag swag in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"




5x4 Weatherproof Vinly Sticker - Window, wherever

You just need to cut out the shape with scissors

2x1.5 head tube, steat tube, helmet sticker

You just need to cut out the shape with scissors

Back in stock, but $1.50 mandatory donation, these things aren't cheap.. 8x1 with bikerag font.


Business Cards - Help us advertise and spread the word

Great for picking up girls or just picking your teeth 3.5"x2"


T-shirts, coasters, mugs etc.. (you have to pay for these) - Go to Bikerag Store