Believe it or not, Bikerag is environ-mentally driven although I'm sure most may think we are just mental here.  It is our goal to provide mountain bikers in the local area (plus many other hot spots in the world) enough information to lure them away from their favorite mountain biking stash's and explore new trail surfing territory.  The most popular biking spots are ridden too often and are deteriorating rapidly, becoming less challenging, less scenic and more like your local department store than a tranquil journey.  There is so much riding out there - go out and explore.  Hopefully this site will give you some of the tools to do so.  The attitude of this site, you may notice, is a little bit different than most anally retentive, corporate sites on the net that put you to sleep in minutes.  I know bikerag is not all that exciting, but hope to at least mix things up enough to keep you coming back for more.  When on the trail, please obey all signs posted by land-owners, never litter, and try not to have sex with all the luscious animals.  Be nice to hikers - they are people too (most of them)..  You can even pitch in and do some trail maintenance out there (removing branches and such, don't move any rocks or logs please......  come on I beg you - we just put them back anyway..)..

Blah Blah Blah - Pukemaster