Fantastic Photos  - "Did you smell those Lilacs?"


Ze Belajio

Oscars artwork - zion


Fire Hydrant for focker

Grand Canyon from the airioplane

Survelance pics - is that bootleg ??

Fear of heights?? THeres a roller coaster up there!!

Lake mead

Lake mead


We are here!!!

Mandalay bay


Hoover dam


We walked from Nevada to Arizona!! In one day

Theres a rock ride Shteep

Power plant - Skipped the tour, I cant write off the trip twice, or can I??

Yay - we made it to AZ

Lake Mead - as seen from the airplane

Rock climber above lake mead

View from hotel (labiarinth)

View from mini van, white mini van, white mini van with balls, thank god it wasnt green..

Parus Trail, only legal biking in zion!! I hit it hard

Virgin river

Virgin river

Grafton ghost town

Grafton mesa on left

Rock Gems

Barbed wire guide

Views from town

While PMD shops

Our side mirror view for 7 days - Gi Jane - 4 wheelin

Checkerboard rock

Drive into the white light

View from St George airport where we packed up the bikes at fedex! Good Game

Las montanas

Red rock canyon, STUPID tourons feeding the animals

Or maybe she was giving the mule 20 bucks to go down on her behind the car?/ Probably, most likely, definetly

Or is it a donkey

These are red rocks, in red rock canyon - Oh Ah lets get to the buffet

View from our hotel in vegase

Had to get one bathroom shot - Phhht, shweet, Phht, shweet, duude, shweet

Bye Bye Vegas, im so tired, its all just blurry down there, my camera doesnt have a setting for 500mph night shots

We Did it!! Yes..

Rookie BC

Rookie BC

Cookie BC

Cookie BC

BC aquarium, I had to follow suit



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