Fantastic Photos Five - "Did you smell those Lilacs?"

Miscalanus fantastic pics of 2004

CT - Penwood

CT - penwood

CT - Bone yard

VT - Gas can

WV - snowshoe

CT - Crescent lake

VT - gas can

West virgina Snowshoe

WV - snowshoe

NH - Mines Falls park

wv snow shoe

NH - Mineral site

NH - Rob Brook?

NH - mineral site

NY - Driving - Its a rainbow

CT - crescent lake

VT - gas can

PA - Prompton, driving


CT - Meshomasic

NH - east pond

east pond

CT - Tyler mill

Croosy woods

CT - tyler mill


CT - soapstone

Soapy times

Eating ice cream in new york

NH - kankamancus highway, the kank view

NH - rob brook

rob brook

NH - Smarts brook

ma - chicopee state forest



nh - greeley ponds loop

NH - ridgepole trail

Dingle berrys

WV - coopers rock state forest - this is a furnace

Touron view

Traveling, wv

Breakfast in showshoe, I cant sleep


Yeah its dark I cant sleep

Ahh the mamories

En route to tea creek or poops run

tea creek

tea creek - blonde grass - umm



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