Sedona, AZ - House Mountain Mountain Bike Pic's

DSC01420.JPG (59760 bytes)Lots of beaver here DSC01421.JPG (59854 bytes) Road ride up fs 120 DSC01422.JPG (73521 bytes) Climb up rocky fire road DSC01423.JPG (46748 bytes)This is a view but not "the view"
DSC01424.JPG (64741 bytes) DSC01425.JPG (49992 bytes) DSC01426.JPG (125379 bytes) LUTC taking the dog for a walk DSC01427.JPG (77884 bytes) I thought this was the "view" but again not the view
DSC01428.JPG (156768 bytes) I think one of us ran this Tarrantula over DSC01429.JPG (76789 bytes) We thought this was the trail. DSC01430.JPG (102503 bytes) DSC01431.JPG (67355 bytes) Ok we are pretty sure this is the "view"
DSC01432.JPG (151722 bytes) This is where the big spyders live DSC01433.JPG (54910 bytes) When we saw this climb.....  "what the FOCK!!" DSC01434.JPG (62480 bytes)Green tanks a sigh of relief - we must be at least 50 feet from the downhill expressway (to the car) wich is at the house wich is 15 miles from here DSC01435.JPG (44676 bytes)
DSC01436.JPG (88054 bytes) DSC01437.JPG (86176 bytes) DSC01439.JPG (44772 bytes) DSC01440.JPG (55412 bytes)
DSC01441.JPG (46517 bytes) Just 2 drops of rain today      

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