Sedona, AZ - Cockscomb trail pic's

DSC01366.JPG (50780 bytes) DSC01367.JPG (41277 bytes) Now this is bill and monica rock DSC01368.JPG (61531 bytes) DSC01369.JPG (80751 bytes) Bros. in a ditch
DSC01370.JPG (79422 bytes) LUTC Ditch DSC01371.JPG (74506 bytes) Crash and Burn - Shadow air DSC01372.JPG (125482 bytes) DSC01373.JPG (81839 bytes) Scooter under turkeys ready point
DSC01375.JPG (129060 bytes) Yes they even have rock gardens here DSC01376.JPG (77453 bytes) DSC01377.JPG (88109 bytes)  

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